What to Expect at a Shrimp Boil

Shrimp Boil PlanoIf you like having a good time, you’re sure to enjoy a shrimp boil in Plano, TX. Great seafood is the main draw of this kind of get-together, but a shrimp boil also allows you to socialize with family and friends. The great thing about a private or public shrimp party is that you’ll typically find seafood prepared in different ways. In addition to boiled, many people offer baked, fried, and steamed shrimp. The different preparation techniques give guests a variety of ways to enjoy their favorite seafood. Most shrimp boils include a range of popular side dishes, such as coleslaw, French fries, and hushpuppies.

More than Shrimp

Don’t let its name fool you. A shrimp boil is a catchall term to describe any social event where shellfish is the main dish. As such, a crawfish boil is a gathering where crawfish is the primary food served, most likely along with shrimp. Even though preparation techniques vary, traditionalists prefer shrimp and crawfish boiled in a large pot with a mixture of seasonings, corn, white potatoes, and more. Whether they serve shrimp or crawfish at a boil, guests can expect to have a great time eating and socializing.