The Boiling Spot in Plano, TX

Welcome to The Boiling Spot in Plano, TX

When it comes to Cajun and creole seafood, quality plus authenticity equals a scrumptious meal. At The Boiling Spot, we use our all-culinary flare to make delicious meals in a traditional Louisiana style. The secret to the success of The Boiling Spot in Plano, TX, is simple: we combine the freshest seafood and ingredients with delicious Southern recipes and gold standard customer service. You can expect an incredible culinary experience every time you visit, whether you’re looking for succulent crab legs or classic Cajun crawfish.

Our Mouthwatering Menu

The best meals come from skilled cooks in the kitchen, and our chefs bring deep experience to the table. They go over and above to deliver the perfect seafood boil, using their mastery of seasoning and service to make every plate outstanding.

Our approach is simple at The Boiling Spot — dine with us for a culinary experience inspired by centuries-long cooking traditions where the authentic flavor shines through.

Care & Preparation

When you order one of our boiled meals, we prepare it the way you like it. Are you an extra spicy person while your spouse is more of a mild person? No problem! In addition, if there are allergies at your table, you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination because there’s no commingling in our pots. Talk to our servers to learn more about our personalized preparation process.