Try the Fried Catfish the Next Time You Visit Us

Many people tend to order the same entrée every time they visit a particular restaurant. For example, when eating at The Boiling Spot,  you might choose the restaurant’s famed boiled combo, which consists of snow crab or shrimp, or a combination with clams or mussels. With its rich garlic sauce, this meal is everyone’s favorite.

However, we have plenty of other options on our menu, such as the fried catfish in Plano. You may be in the mood for a fried basket with this as the entrée. We serve you three tasty fillets, along with hushpuppies, fries, or coleslaw.

A Staple in the South for Good Reason

Many of us in the South consider fried catfish in Plano to be a staple at a seafood restaurant. However, others may never have enjoyed its deliciousness. For those who haven’t, we want you to know a bit about this seafood option. Most of the catfish served in restaurants these days are farm-raised and grain-fed.

Don’t expect it to taste like the whitefish you usually eat. Catfish has a moist, mild, sweet taste that’s tender beneath a flaky, fried batter. And yes, they do have whiskers like cats. That’s how they got their name.