seafood boil

Tips for Your First Seafood Boil

You’ve thought about it for some time and finally decided to take the plunge and enjoy your very first seafood boil. Well, at The Boiling Spot, we know a thing or two about delicious dishes from the sea, and we’re happy to give you some advice. By following a few simple tips, your premiere boil will be a smash hit.

The key to enjoying seafood in Plano is to relax. Remember, it’s a fun event with friends and family, and being relaxed will only make the food taste better. You should also keep in mind that it’s a good idea to dress casually because a seafood boil can be a bit messy at times. This is a time to eat with your hands and not worry about etiquette.

Feel free to use crackers, slicers, and hammers to open the shellfish, and don’t forget to take advantage of fresh lemon or lime wedges to use the juice on your food.

As a rookie seafood diner, keep in mind that it’s not a bad idea to give ask for pointers on getting into your crabs and other shellfish. This is also a good time for lessons on using the crackers and hammers provided by your host.

Although some meals are made for savoring slowly, with a seafood boil, we suggest eating with abandon. There’s a lot of melted butter with a boil, and if you’re tardy, it’s going to congeal. Eat it hot, and eat a lot.