bowl of shrimp

Meet Your Seafood – What Is The Difference Between Shrimp & Prawns?

Although shrimp and prawns look similar to each other, and they are often referred to interchangeably, they are not the same seafood. The availability of each of these crustaceans is typically dependent on your location. Find superior dishes that include this delightful seafood in Plano, where excellent restaurants offer a selection for shrimp and prawn lovers.

The 10-Legged Crustacean

While both are decapod crustaceans, and as far as biology goes, that’s where the similarities end. Anatomically, their bodies show the most obvious difference, with shrimp being much smaller and having a thorax that overlaps the head and abdomen. In prawns, each segment overlaps the segment below. Although they are both decapods, meaning they have ten legs, prawns have longer legs than shrimp.

Mouthwatering Flavor

Despite these differences, their flavors are almost indistinguishable, although prawns are considered somewhat sweeter. Their similarity in taste is often attributed to living in the same environments and eating the same food, rather than anything to do with their biology.

Regardless of which one you prefer, you can’t go wrong with their delectable addition to any seafood dish. Both shrimp and prawns are packed with protein, infused with flavor, and readily available worldwide. From Texas to New Zealand, they continue to remain a table favorite.