How to Cook Crab Legs in Plano

Crab Legs in Plano, TXYou know you love to eat crab legs in Plano at The Boiling Spot, but did you ever wonder how to cook them? It’s a good skill to have for when you’re craving a tasty seafood dish and can’t come and enjoy a meal with us. You’re in luck because we’re going to use this post to provide a few simple tips on cooking crab legs in your own kitchen.

Crabs have to be sold either live or cooked. If you buy the cooked ones, it’s pretty easy to “cook” them yourself. All you need to do in that case is heat them while retaining the flavor and juiciness.

One of the most popular methods for preparing crab legs is with a pressure cooker. Boil three or four clusters of legs for about four minutes and dig in. You might want to do this outside if you can, as the aroma of crabs is best enjoyed outdoors and not in your kitchen.

Steaming is also a hit with fans. Use a steam basket at the bottom of a large pot with a cup of water. Put the legs in, bring the water to a boil, and then close the lid tightly. Steam until they’re ready to eat.

Don’t forget about cooking them on the grill wrapped in foil. This takes up to 20 minutes for frozen legs and half that time for fresh ones. Now get cookin’ and enjoy!