seafood boil

An Option For Everyone At Our Seafood Restaurant

From crab legs to fresh lobster boils, when you’re looking for an outstanding experience, find a restaurant specializing in the authentic taste of the sea. Experienced chefs, conscientious wait staff, and a tradition for excellence culminate in the exacting standards of our seafood restaurant in Plano. Our menu is packed with traditional favorites boiled per pound; just ask about our seasonal crawfish, crab legs, shrimp, and lobster flavored to perfection.

Authenticity Is King

Developing a feel for the perfect boil doesn’t come easy. A masterful chef will sculpt your meal with skill and knowledge using spices that highlight the authentic taste of Cajun delicacies. Whether you’ve enjoyed it before or you’re trying it for the first time, there is no better place to sit down to a plate than at The Boiling Spot.

Mastery In The Making

When a seafood restaurant needs every dish to be outstanding, they find chefs that bring years of practice to the table. Delivering the perfect boil takes an understanding and mastery of cooking that only comes with time. The creation of seafood dishes spans thousands of years, and those age-old traditions are alive and well at our seafood restaurant. Allow us to serve up an unparalleled dining experience that you won’t soon forget.